Anglican Ethos

Our Anglican Ethos and Education For Excellence 

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School actively supports the educational mission of The Diocese of Grafton.As a school, we recognise that God is concerned for the development and wellbeing of the whole person; therefore we have a very clear priority to help our students excel by realising their unique potential. 

Education for excellence focuses on the development and wellbeing of the whole child through participation in the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, aesthetic, and physical pursuits that are offered in our teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship, and service learning programs. When we educate our students for excellence, we begin by enabling them to recognise what it means to be great at something, and then support them to work towards this goal by gradually improving their own personal best performance.  We appreciate that it is only human for there to be a gap between what is ‘the best’ and what is currently our personal best. Therefore, our expectations for excellence are framed within a humble understanding that it is only through God’s guidance and strength that we can attain our goals. As a school, we recognise that the definitions of excellence and a great education change over time, so we are committed to continuing to set aspirational goals for the future, in order to exceed the expectations of our community in delivering great educational outcomes for all of our students.

Building on the foundations of our Anglican tradition, we are committed to providing a contemporary learning culture of education for excellence in … 

1. Living Christian values within authentic relationships 

Our school is a community founded on love, where Christian faith is encountered and proclaimed. We intentionally teach and live the values of compassion, wisdom, and respect; and encourage students to consider how Christianity can inform their world view and life choices. 

Authenticity and relevance define our School’s approach to expressing our Anglican tradition in formal settings such as chapel services, religious education lessons, and significant school events. Our chapel services engage students in the exploration of meaning, the nature of authentic relationships, and the ways in which Christian faith can be applied to their study and wider lives. Our chaplaincy program includes personal connection and conversation within the daily life of the school, as well as the study of spirituality, scripture, and worship within the religious education curriculum.

2. Individual formation through school learning culture 

At Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, every student matters, every day. We acknowledge that every person is an individual made in the image of God, so we provide a learning culture that seeks to develop self-confidence, respect for others and an appreciation of diversity.  We promote the development of the whole child, as well as encouraging students to be socially aware, to understand and serve the needs of others in the community and to exercise social, ethical, civic and environmental responsibility.

Our Anglican ethos is embedded in the structures and culture of the school which prepare and support students for life within and beyond the school itself. Our models for education, pastoral care, and personal development are designed to support our ethos and are delivered in ways that are relevant to the formation of the individual. 

3. Community leadership and legacy 

We encourage the telling of our story and the sharing of those experiences that shape our community. We identify and provide appropriate opportunities for all members of our school community to be involved in service to others, especially those opportunities which enable our students to engage in Christian mission, and to take up leadership roles in the quest to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally.