Exploring Spirituality

Exploring Spirituality

Our school is founded in God’s love, and the intrinsic value of every person.

Lindisfarne endeavours to promote the Gospel message of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, mission and loving service to God and neighbour, while living by our school values of compassion, wisdom and respect. The experience of sharing in the life of this community is itself an important part of Christian education, quite apart from the formal content learned in the classroom. The school community is closely linked to St Cuthbert Anglican Church in Tweed Heads, which founded the school in 1981.

The exploration of spirituality that is offered at Lindisfarne is invitational rather than obligatory. Within the context of the Anglican tradition, everyone is offered the opportunity to explore what it means to be a physical, intellectual and spiritual being, how we might respond to the spiritual dimension of the human condition, and how spirituality may enhance our ability to become self-aware and self-reflective in our approach to life, with all its joys and challenges.

All students participate in regular Chapel services and other special services, which seek to expose students to a range of spiritual ideals and practices, and to instil in them a greater sense of spiritual identity.


Religious and Values Education (RAVE)

Lindisfarne draws students from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions. The Religious and Values Education program endeavours to introduce students to the richness of Anglican Tradition, to promote an understanding and appreciation of the nature of religion, and to develop self-awareness and religious literacy in each student. Whilst the Religious and Values Education program sits firmly within the Anglican Tradition, respect for all religious traditions is an important value underpinning the program.

The aims of Religious and Values Education are to:

  • promote an awareness and appreciation of the nature of religion.
  • enable students to explore the concept of spirituality and its place in humanity’s intrinsic search for meaning.
  • develop in students an ability to be self-aware and self-reflective in areas of spirituality, morality and social justice.