Our School Crest

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is named after the Isle of Lindisfarne, one of the very early centres of Christianity in England.

The island lies close to the River Tweed which forms the border between England and Scotland.

Lindisfarne's school crest has been carefully designed to reflect this history and links our Anglican tradition with our focus on excellence in learning. The crest contains three key elements:

  • Two white bands converging into one which represent England's River Tweed and our own Tweed River. They signify unity of purpose and strength - a concept important in our school as we work together.
  • An open book which symbolises the Lindisfarne Gospels, sacred manuscripts painstakingly created by the Lindisfarne monks in the late 7th or early 8th Century. Now housed in the British Library, the inclusion of the Gospels reminds us of the centrality of the Word of God. The book is also a symbol of learning and represents the wide range of opportunities available at Lindisfarne.