Lindisfarne Learning Framework

The Lindisfarne Learning Community

 An Anglican Community committed to contemporary learner engagement, empowerment and
excellence in an environment underpinned by the Gospel values of Respect, Wisdom 
and Compassion practised with intention.

At Lindisfarne we understand that everyone - students, parents and teachers - wants to and can learn. We also know that learning can be more effective and more enjoyable when everyone works together to develop shared knowledge, skills and experience.

The Lindisfarne Learning Framework has been collaboratively developed to become the guiding principles by which all teaching and learning is considered.

The Framework highlights that our teaching (pedagogy) is designed to be authentic, purposeful and meaningful for students. Our approach to learning is informed by research and is flexibly designed to nurture the learning abilities of all learners. It is inclusive of rich and varied assessment that provides relevant, useful feedback for
our students.

Our curriculum is inclusive; student focused and is designed to develop successful, confident and creative individuals. It emphasises advanced learning and aims to help students acquire an ability to create new ideas and translate them into practical applications.

The complete Lindisfarne Learning Framework provides a comprehensive outline of our guiding principles.