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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School acknowledges the commitment and sacrifices needed to achieve at an elite level within any given sport. The Lindisfarne Sports Academy will harness the phenomenal power of sport by offering an innovative education alongside a professional sports development program thus allowing our students to reach their potential. With highly qualified coaches, proven training methodologies, professional sports Ambassadors and a motivating learning environment that brings together like-minded sporting individuals, the Lindisfarne Sports Academy will provide the ultimate foundation for our student athletes’ future success.


  • Access to a holistic program that balances academic achievement and sporting excellence.
  • The right to participate in any of the Lindisfarne Sports Academy activities.
  • Access to strength and conditioning programs, and associated health facilities such as Physiotherapist, Dietician and Sports Performance Management.
  • Access to personal development programs including camps, guest speakers and excursions.
  • Counselling with mentor and other appropriate staff to advise on tertiary studies, career and sport goals, time management, overall well-being and pastoral support.
  • Access to “Athlete Friendly” services including flexible academic timetables, e-learning support when absent and 1 on 1 tutorials with teachers when needed.
  • Regular contact with mentors to remain up-to-date with student progress.
  • Liasion with Griffith Sports College for tertiary studies.


  1. To assist students to balance their sporting and academic commitments in a supportive environment. 
  2. To promote a “High Performance Culture” within the Academy which challenges students to achieve their very best.
  3. To support students with flexible curricula that acknowledges the demands placed on them by their chosen sport.
  4. To expose students to industry best practice across a range of sports related fields including – Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Science and Leadership.
  5. Through our partnership with the Griffith University Sports College, the Lindisfarne Sports Academy seeks to provide a clear pathway for students to continue their academic journey.

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The student-athletes in the Lindisfarne Sports Academy will have the support of mentors who will draw on their own experiences as world-class athletes to help guide and motivate them both within the classroom and the sporting arena. The inaugural Lindisfarne Sports Academy Ambassadors are:

  • Mr Duncan Free OAM - Olympic Gold Medallist, Rowing.
  • Mrs Sharon Buchanan OAM - Olympic Gold Medallist, Hockey.
  • Mr Bill Chaffey - World Champion, Paratriathlon.
  • Mr Chris Fydler OAM - Olympic Gold Medallist, Swimming.
  • Mr Joel Parkinson - World Champion, Surfing.
  • Mrs Samantha Riley - World Champion, Swimming.


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Please note that entry to the Sports Academy does not relate to an offer of a Sport Scholarship. For detail on scholarships offered please visit the Scholarships page.


Download the Lindisfarne Sports Academy information booklet or contact:

Mr Matt Fydler
Lindisfarne Sports Academy
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Mr Matthew Bedford
Lindisfarne Sports Academy
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