Creative and Performing Arts

Whether it be visual arts, textiles, dance, drama or music we believe all students have the capacity to be creative and to flourish when in the presence of passionate and committed teachers who demand rigorous preparation of themselves and of their pupils. The great joy is in seeing a student reach far beyond that which they first thought possible.

The acquisition of knowledge is an exciting and inspirational journey. Our programs are designed to nurture and encourage life long enquiry, where our students are guided to take ownership of their learning. They are challenged to conceptualise problems differently and to think imaginatively, unimpeded by orthodox or conventional constraints. Our team in the Creative and Performing Arts faculty at Lindisfarne are each passionate and consummate professionals who are dedicated to delivering inspirational programs tailored to the unique needs and direction of the individual student. 

Our faculty is dedicated to promoting divergent thinkers who will be equipped to cope in our rapidly expanding world, which requires a dynamic and creative workforce.