Participating in dance provides creative, healthy and stimulating experiences for Lindisfarne students. Dance, as part of the Australian Curriculum, offers huge potential for developing movement as an art form.

Dance fulfills a unique role in the curriculum bringing together physical literacy with imagination and creativity. It has enormous potential for enabling students to develop many skills such as problem solving expressive and communication skills as well as physical benefits of balance, co-ordination, motor skills, spatial and kinesthetic awareness and generally in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles.

In addition, Dance also allows students to work collaboratively with peers, teachers and professional dance artists to challenge both their own knowledge and understanding, and that of others. This subject allows students to engage in workshops that allow their self esteem and confidence to develop in a safe and supportive environment.

At Lindisfarne, Dance is currently offered in the following ways:

  • Stage 3 with a specialist dance teacher
  • Year 11 and 12 as a HSC subject
  • Secondary Recreation Sport as part of the Lindisfarne Dance Group.
  • Performance opportunities such as Funfest, end of year Showcases, Assembly displays.