The foundations of Drama exist in complex skills and an even more complex range of associated theories. The ‘dramatic experience’ is linked to such difficult human elements as thoughts and feelings.

To be able to express these thoughts and feelings to others is a practical necessity of day-to-day life. Drama allows us the ability to ‘view ourselves from above’ and to help identify the problems and challenges that exist within society and ourselves.

In doing so it also entertaining and is able to critically examine, bring about change or just awaken our senses to the environment around us and hopefully develop a little self-confidence and understanding along the way.

Access to such a rich and valuable resource then, should be made available to as many people as possible. It should be interesting, educational and enjoyable – and what better place to start than in the school environment where minds and individuals are constantly developing and always influencing the future? 

Students of Drama at Lindisfarne can expect to study a diverse range of styles and forms of Drama. They are involved in regular curriculum based performance opportunities including assessments and showcases and are exposed to the most up-to-date methodologies through workshops, visiting artists and excursions to live performances each year.