Music can be enjoyed in so many different forms and means so many different things to different people. Broken down into its many components, music is a science, it is mathematical, it is a foreign language, it is history, it is physical, it teaches the listener to recognise beauty, it is a discipline but most of all it is good for us. It allows a person to combine well-rehearsed techniques to create emotion.

At Lindisfarne, well-rehearsed techniques are showcased in the following ways:

  • regular lunchtime concerts where visiting professionals work with presenting students by offering direct feedback in a 'master class' type experience
  • our ensembles perform at various community venues
  • primary students competing in eisteddfods
  • Stages 3 and 5 showcases where the depth and breadth of music making is evident
  • Year 12 students present their performance and composition work.

Music students support school events throughout the year, such as our ANZAC Day Service, performing at the Public Speaking and Poetry Recitation grand finals, to name just a few. Each year is brought to a close with a traditional carol service.

In addition to this, Lindisfarne is currently establishing a recording studio where music students will be able to record their original works. This facility enables students to be part of the creative process, from the conception of their original ideas right through to the final product.

Lindisfarne lighting the way!