Textiles and Design

Textiles have played a significant role throughout human history, satisfying both functional and aesthetic needs. It can be a means of self-expression, social comment or hold cultural significance, as well as perform specific functions in commercial, industrial and personal settings.

The study of textiles contributes to the overall education of Lindisfarne students by enabling them to confidently use a range of technologies and textiles materials. It creates an awareness of related career pathways and leisure pursuits. Students actively engage in learning about the properties and performance of textiles, textile design and the role of textiles in society.

Lindisfarne offers a diverse range co-curricular opportunities including participation in workshops run by local designers and textile artists and we support school projects and ventures. Students are also provided with opportunities at attend workshops run by the Whitehouse Institute of Design.

Within the curriculum students also participate in local, state and national competitions including the Wool4Skools competition and the TEA Stage 5 Textiles Challenge.