Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Lindisfarne explores the areas of art making, art history and art criticism. Students explore subject matter, the use of expressive forms and the consideration of the audience, while developing an understanding and appreciation of both their own and others' artworks.

Students are offered opportunities in numerous co-curricular programs and events such as:

  • artist workshops
  • artist in residence programs
  • public art programs
  • creating works for various school projects and ventures
  • local, state and national art competitions
  • excursions to local and state galleries
  • an enrichment program for Years 5 to 7 students
  • photography club.

Study and enjoyment in the Visual Arts can lead to many career opportunities. The development of imagination and creativity by the student can also lead to feelings of greater self-worth and self-confidence. The Visual Arts program explores many design elements and theories which students are able to employ every day to their studies and into the future in their career pathways.

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