Tuition Fees and Levies

Click here to download our 2021 Fee Schedule.

All discounts and concessions are subject to payments being received by the due dates. Family rebates will only apply to families not receiving scholarships, bursaries, or any other form of financial assistance provided by the School. The School reserves the right to withhold or reverse these concessions should the account remain in arrears.

Family rebates only apply from Kindergarten to Year 12. Preschool students do not attract any form of government support. Preschool fees are higher therefore compared to Junior School fees to be able to cover the operating costs of this program.


Due Dates

Tuition Fees and Course Levies will be invoiced each term (except for Year 12 where the full year's tuition is invoiced over the first 3 terms) and are payable on the first day of each term.

Fees may also be paid in three instalments as outlined in the fees statement.

Alternative payment agreements can be made with the Business Manager. To make an appointment contact the Mahers Lane Campus on 07 5590 5099 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supplementary charges added to the account are billed individually and fall due immediately. In some cases, the cost of the activity (such as international excursions) will need to be paid prior to departure. Continued participation in these programs will be subject to the account being maintained.


Collections Policy

The School has a staged process to collect outstanding accounts. While every attempt will be made to come to a suitable payment plan, on-going arrears will lead to formal recovery proceedings. The cost incurred by the School for formal debt recovery proceedings will be added to the account. The School further reserves the right to reverse fee rebates, concessions, scholarships and bursaries as well as withdraw the enrolment of students should the account remain unpaid.

* School Council reserves the right to alter fees as necessary.