Jarred Aiming For American Football Scholarship

Diehm is evolving into a talented gridiron player (American football- NFL). The sport of gridiron is gathering followers and growing in popularity here in Australia. 

Jarred recently represented Queensland at the Junior National Championships held in Canberra in April 2013 and with his team placing fourth against the other states and territories. Jarred’s position on the field is a safety player and he is the deepest man in defence. 

Jarred who is currently studying his HSC at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is no stranger to the sporting arena, having had representative duties with AFL playing for the Far North Coast under 12s in 2006-2007. 

“I started to get interested in Madden – which is a type of NFL back in 2008 and since then I watched it on television,” Jarred said. 

“I was playing AFL with Coolangatta/Tweed and then I moved up to the Gold Coast Stingrays Gridiron team. We train at Nerang and play at Runaway Bay and Brisbane but it is worth the travel. 

“I was 16 when I started playing Gridiron. I tried out for the state try-outs and they liked what I had and it just grew from there. 

“I just love it. A lot of people say that you don’t need to be super fit to play Gridiron but you do especially with a team of 13 players, when 9 have to be on the field all the time. So there is not much break and the gear drags you down.” 

None of Jarred’s family members are involved with the game but Jarred has been teaching his Dad all the rules and tactics of the game when he watches it on television. 

Jarred is focused on his favoured sport which reflects in his training schedule. Each Sunday he drives to Ipswich to practice, leaving home at 1pm and not returning until 9pm. At the sessions Jarred will be taken through the playbook, fitness training for conditioning which can be quite intense, a 45 minute warm-up with a lot of push-ups and a two hour session. 

There is a lot of protective equipment required for Gridiron, which include: helmet – weighing a whopping 2kg as it contains shock absorbers, pads, pair of tights and pads are placed in the legs, boots, socks and gloves – which can assist with catching as they are made with gripping fabric. 

Jarred idolises a number of players including: Australian Jesse Williams a defensive linesman for the Ravens and NFL player Ed Reed a safety player. 

This year is Jarred’s last season in juniors, under 18s for the Stingrays and he will play around 12 games this season. 

Jarred said he was aspiring to go to the USA on a sporting scholarship at a College, especially in Miami as they are a top level team.