Application for Extended Student Absence

Students who are absent for more than three days must apply for a Certificate of Exemption via the Application for Exemption from Attendance at School Form. For more information please refer to the Attendance Policy - Student. Forms should be returned to Student Administration.


Change of Details

Should any details pertaining to your child or family information change, please now make the changes via Parent Lounge.


Student Insurance

Lindisfarne has an insurance policy which covers all students from Preschool to Year 12 for accident and injury expenses not covered by Medicare.

To lodge a claim, please download and carefully read the enclosed documentation and claim form to ascertain if you are able to make a claim. The next step is for parents to complete and send the claim form to the attention of the Finance Officer at the school.

Click here to download the Student Insurance Form.


Medical Detail Forms and Links

Student Medication Authority

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan


Lindisfarne Bus Services

For information and forms relating to bus travel please visit Lindisfarne bus service.